Time for a Change

This past year has been a year of changes for me.

Throughout this year I’ve been very blessed to develop some close friendships within the SQL Community that I don’t take for granted. So thanks to everyone who invited or at least put up with me.

However the changes aren’t done yet. I began my career at Magenic in March of 2007 and after almost 6 years of employment I have decided it’s time for a change. I came to Magenic looking for new technological as well as business challenges and Magenic did not disappoint. I cannot state enough how much I have enjoyed both professionally as well as personally my time at Magenic.. I have no problem recommending it as a place of employment and hope to maintain many of the relationships that I made while employed there. In fact this was a very difficult decision to make primarily due to the people and the Magenic “family”. However effective Friday, January 4, I resigned.

A New Chapter

Beginning on Monday, January 7, I began work at Huron Consulting Group, specifically as a Database Solutions Architect within the Legal Practice working on Electronic Discovery Solutions. What is E-Discovery?  Imagine party A has a legal matter against party B, such as a lawsuit. Once the framework for that legal matter is decided upon, there is a process of discovery. This is basically a phase where both parties share information about the legal matter. Now the process of “discovering” that information to share can be fairly complex, time-consuming and expensive. Imagine all your company’s data – email, server shares, server logs, laptop hard drives, desktop hard drives, etc. – something and usually someone, must go through the data to see what needs to be shared.

There are certainly some very difficult challenges such as using technology to reduce the amount of documents that need to be reviewed by a lawyer – through identifying and removing duplicates along with keyword and semantic analysis. Once it’s reviewed by a lawyer, that lawyer will mark up the document in a number of different ways to indicate it should be shared, redacted or other things. So we are talking about large amounts of data, data movements, reports and analytics – both to fulfill the client needs as well as what’s behind the process for Huron to determine things like capacity, velocity, cost and other metrics to drive their our business. I’m excited about this move as I’m expecting this will provide many challenges and opportunities to learn.

Here’s to a new year, a new chapter and a new challenge.

  • Wendy

    Congrats, Aaron!

  • alalani123

    Good luck Aaron on your new post.

  • fuzzbone

    Aaron – I'm so glad we got to work together for those years. You'll be missed! All the best to you at Huron!

  • http://mattvelic.com Matt Velic

    Congratulations on the new job! I had a short stint in e-Discovery, good luck keeping up with that data hose!

  • jasonstrate

    Good luck!

  • bill

    Congratulations – It was great to work with you at Magenic.

  • http://martincatherall.com Martin Catherall

    Good luck – how do you get to resign on friday and start a new job on monday? I guess you didn't have a "notice" period. sounds a great new job

    • vendoran

      Friday was my last day, I gave more than 2 weeks notice

  • http://www.teamnorthpoint.com Chad

    Congrats Aaron – Sounds like you are going to be quite busy this year. No doubt your up for the challenge. Keep us posted on the new job.